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Intersex life survey - finally live!

Hi everyone,

  I am conducting a study as my major PhD project via an online survey at the University of Sydney, where I have received ethics approval (project no. 2014/225). The development of which has spanned half a Masters degree and into my PhD.
The overall aim of the study is to identify previous and existing problems in intersex management (attitudes, healthcare, support, etc) and to examine the overall quality of life of intersexed individuals as a result of previous management.
This survey is for intersexed adults (18+) who wish to share their experiences with us. There’s also an option for a follow up interview, but this isn’t compulsory. The survey is anonymous and covers feelings and experiences throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood. This survey is for intersexed people who have and have not had non-consensual surgery during infancy (and for those who may have elected to have it later in life).
The only requirements are that you have had some form of intersex diagnosis (as this is for people with intersex variations) and that you are over 18, if you meet these requirements, you are invited to take part in the study if you wish.

The proposal for this study was developed with feedback from AIS Support Group Australia as well as some pilot study data to ensure we were covering information wanted by the Intersex community.

You can find the link to the survey (complete with participant information sheet) here:

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the study, so if there’s any further information you want to know, please don’t hesitate to inbox me.

Thanks everyone!!

Intersexed people generally don't like having their junk reconfigured as babies without consent. And no one else does either.




Global and Population Health, Psychology, University of Sydney.

Was with you until “intersexed” e______e

Is it offensive to say that? I’m being genuine. I always figured it was in the same league as being “black-haired” or…

It depends on the context. At the moment, intersexed is the most PC term. There’s a lot of debate about the term “Disorder of Sex Development” (DSD) given that the term “disorder” implies its pathological and very clinical. There has been a lot of movement, particularly by Milton Diamond to rephrase the term to “Differences in Sex Development”. That way the acronym stays the same, but has much different connotations. Parents have trouble accepting that their child might have a disorder, but are more accepting and receptive to a child who has differences. Does that help?

The term intersex is the variation or “condition”. It is something that someone has, not something someone is. If you look at a lot of literature, the term “intersexed” is used frequently because of this grammatical difference. Therefore, it is either intersexed, or individual with an intersex variation (or condition - depending how pc you are being).

In terms of the person who said you don’t say “black haired person” etc, that is true in terms of just mentioning a person in particular, but this is taken from lol my thesis, which is about theses. In academic writing regarding the topic, you need to mention the person either has an intersex variation or are “intersexed”. You need to make this distinction so people know what group of people this research is about :P

Intersexed people generally don’t like having their junk reconfigured as babies without consent. And no one else does either.



Global and Population Health, Psychology, University of Sydney.

I’m dyadic so I could be wrong but is calling intersex people intersexed bullshit like calling transgender people transgendered

"Intersex" is what the variation or "condition" is, an intersexed person is a person in which this variation has happened to. Hope that helps ^_^

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